Prior to settlement by the white man in the East Rochester area, Seneca Indians roamed these lands. Arrowheads were found on the Worthing Farmland and also near Fariport and Marsh Roads.

School taxes were paid in stove wood, one cord.

New York Central Railroad tracks were laid through this area.


Spring Lake was formed near linden avenue by building a dam.


In the late 1800's the area soon to be despatch was made up of several large farms some of which were owned by john and charles westerman, byron worthing, andrew and charles lincoln, charles ransom, and the tunis brizee farm. Thirty-five acres of farm land was donated by walter parce to the merchants despatch transportation company. Despatch land office opened in reading room.


A planned community was built around the Merchants Despatch Transportation company and was called Despatch. First post office opened; its volume was 8 letters a day. Fryatt's Despatch grocery store opened. Car Shop cornerstone was laid and B.B.Q. picnic held. Great land partition and sale of lots — one lot was sold. "Despatch Special" was the first newspaper in Despatch. First religious service was held in Methodist Church of Despatch. Dr. John Allen was first doctor in Despatch. Despatch fire dept-hose company #1 was organized.Add Content...


Despatch 'red brick school house' opened on East Avenue. Brainerd Brass Company moved to Despatch.


Ontario Grain Drill company was founded.


Baptist Church held its first service.


Wages at Merchants Despatch Transportation rose from 13 cents per hour to 15 cents.


First electric lights in the village. Piano Works factory construction started. 1905 St. Jerome's Catholic church founded. Piano Works factory opened for business in November.


Village name was changed from Despatch to East Rochester. The first village elections were held.


Joseph Mitchell elected first East Rochester board president. Mervin Thompson was the first policeman in Despatch.


law was passed banning hitching horses to trees. A law requiring fowl and rabbits be confined was also passed.

East Rochester village population was 1,951. East Rochester school budget was $10,750.00. 350 pupils were registered in red brick school. A law passed stating no animal shall be driven over 10 mph in the village. The school colors were changed from red & white to brown & white. First service held at Presbyterian church.

The cost of the East Rochester Realities newspaper was .25 cents for 3 months. W. D. Hewes insurance agency opened. Village curfew for children under sixteen was set for 8:30 pm. Fire wood cost 5 cents a load at the ice dealer store.


Saxton's department store opened for business.


First National Bank of East Rochester opened. New York Central train wreck on E. Maple Ave - three men killed. Byron Worthing original farm owner died.


First high school basketball game. It was played on the third floor of the Eyer building. First East Rochester H.S. baccalaureate service was held East Rochester. Student G. Hoagland wrote the ERHS alma mater.


Great fire in the Eyer building on Main St. Car speed limit in village was 15 MPH. Bricks were laid on Commercial Street, which until then was dirt.


First service at St. Matthias Episcopal church.


Rev. Mackenzie appointed pator of Baptist church. Dedication of Edmond Lyon park. Village went dry.


Genendewah golf course built by Kate Gleason just west of the village line.


Jules Verne Fish was the first East Rochester soldier killed in WWI. Kate Gleason became the 1st U.S. woman bank president. World War I ended, november 11th.


Druggist J. Murray Franklin shot dead in his store. Only unsolved murder in East Rochester. East Rochester pioneer society founded.


East Rochester was the first county school to serve milk / crackers mid morning.


ERHS basketball team won its first county title. Kate Gleason Concrest housing began.


St. Anthony Society was started. East Rochester Public Library opened in Rialto Theatre.


Trinity Lutheran church held first service. Parkside Methodist church school was added in the rear of the church. First issue of brown and white school newspaper. East Rochester Elementry School was built in 1924, named for Lois Bird in 1979.


East Rochester Community Hospital opened on Main Street. It was mainly used as a birthing hospital. East Rochester Rotary was started St. Nicholas Society was founded. KKK had state convention at Washington Street and Hickory, September 25th.


East Rochester Girl Scouts were organized. Hoselton Chevrolet opened on E. Commercial St. East Rochester HS track team organized. Parkside Dairy opened on E. Commercial Street.


First high school footballl game october 9th.


Memorial Day — WWI monument was dedicated in Edmund Lyon Park. Walter Parce — founder of Despatch/E.R. died on Tuesday, June 3rd.


H. Worden was elected the village board president. Served from 1914 to 1931. 25 years of East Rochester trolley car service ended. The first E.R. Gagashoan year book was published.


Ham Conners was appointed police chief, he served in this position from 1932 - 1965.


Kate Gleason died, January 9, 1933, Thursday. First traffic signal was installed on Main St and West Avenue. East Rochester Boy Scout troop #136 was organized.


Library housed in municipal building had 7,525 books. Eyer Park dedicated — July 8th


Harry Eyer — early village investor — died on March 3rd.


187-foot high village water tower was erected on Maple Avenue and Garfield St. It replaced the tower on the corner of Filbert Place and Lincoln Road. US Post Office building opened on W. Commercial Street. Reed's Drug Store opened on East Main — cigarettes 11 cents


Joseph J. O'Brien was first elected to US Congress.


First Little Brown Jug High School football game. Yearly football rivalry game between Fairport and East Rochester where winner kept Little Brown Jug for year. Last game played in 1987. School moving up day was organized by Dorothy O'Donnell.


The first East Rochester ambulance call.


Fireworks explosion on the corner of Baird Rd and Whitney Rd — 11 people died November 6th.


WWII servicemen's honor roll plaque was erected in Edmund Lyon Park.


The public building closed for four days because of coal shortage.


East Rochester Board of Health offered free TB patch test. A fire in the St. Mattias Espiscopal church burned part of the roof off. East Rochester Sweetland opened.


Saturday, May 31st East Rochester celebrated the 50th anniversary of the village.


J. Eugene Goddard elected to NYS Assembly. Northside Inn opened.


Cabby Providence christened the ERHS sport teams "the East Rochester bombers". The Kate Gleason Swimming Pool was opened by the East Avenue Grade School. WWII monument was erected in Edmund Lyon park.


Tuesday, September 9th was the last day for Lincoln Road. Railroad gate operator Father Gefell died - served St. Jeromes church for 45 years. ER railroad station was demolished on Main and Maple Streets. Little League Baseball was started. Burgess Meredith played "Harvey" in East Avenue High School. Sam Urzetta won the National Amateur Golf Title.


Parking meters were installed on village streets.


 The NY State Firemens Convention was held in East Rochester. St. Jeromes school opened with fifty pupils.


Paul Bower was elected mayor — held office until 1971.


E.R. Civil Defense was organized in junior high gym. E. Retta Fryatt donated her home on the corner of Main and Ivy street to the village. Tie vote for trustee — Walter Nohe won the draw. A committee was appointed to study becoming a city.


E.R. branch of First Church of Christian Scientist was started. Washington Street underpass was completed.


Kenneth Courtney elected Perinton Town Supervisor. Dedication of new Trinity Lutheran church.


The high school on Woodbine Avenue opened. The current village logo was designed. Swan Street was changed to Lincoln Mills Road.


Villlage born Barry Tuttle opened the Town and Country Musicals.


The village passed a dog leash law.


The NY State Unemployment Office opened in the Village Hall.


The first of 64 diseased Elm trees were removed. A new sewage plant opened.


The Lawless Brothers Paper Mill plant was destroyed by fire. The Urban Renewal Agency was created. There was a great power blackout of the whole North East.


72 inches of snow fell in four days. Local history office was started by Lucille Saunders. The ER Senior Little League won the world chapionship.


Susan Johnstone was appointed the first police woman.


The First Class 5 cent postage stamp was raised to 6 cents. The new fire hall on the corner of West Avenue and Main Street was dedicated.


The Penn Central had a train wreck on W. Maple Avenue


A law was passed banning parking on front lawns in the village. The Merchants Despatch Carshops closed.


The building of the Linden East Condominiums was started.


The parking meters were removed from the village downtown.


The Candy Kitchen on Main Street closed because of urban renewal. The ground breaking for the village mall-techniplex took place.


Dorothy Dianetti was elected first woman village board member. Parkside Manor was opened.


James Nagle was elected to the NYS Assembly.

Jim Burlingame was elected village fire chief to serve a term of two years. 


The East Rochester Municipal Center was dedicated. Gloria Swanson appeared at Village Cinema.


Korean - Vietnam Memorial was dedicated on May 24th. The middle school that was built in 1936 was named for T.L.R. Morgan.


The village formed a co-terminous government. The Lincoln Road underpass was completed.


The Piano Works Factory closed for good on April 2nd.


The new band stand at Edmund Lyon Park was dedicated.


Harold Dygert died on august 15th, he was the builder of Forest Hills. The football field named for Don Quinn.


The new Linden Avenue bridge was completed.


Great Ice Storm.


The last of the 33 fire alarm boxes were removed.


Eyer Park rededicated. ERCN T.V. Channel 12 first aired.


Village Celebrates it's 100th Anniversary

Jim Burlingame and Mary Conners are co-chairpersons



The first Despatch Days celebration starts in Edmund Lyon Park.

Wegmans Market celebrates 40 years at their Fairport Road location.


Democrat David Bonacchi defeats long time Mayor Peter Quinzi for village mayor position.


Fred Ricci named Village Administrater replacing Bob Hanks.

Ted Conners elected village fire chief for a term of two years.


East Rochester Rotary Club celebrates it's 75th birthday.

Downtown renovation starts with a state grant.


Construction started on new housing tract on former water works property located on Fairport Road.

Longtime Village Justice Ralph Morabito retires after 29 years on the bench.


Senior Center Director Jean Danial celebrates 40 years as director.

Former Police Chief (1976 - 1983) Clyde Bussey dies suddenly in Florida at the age of 68.


East Rochester H.S. Cheerleaders are Section 5 Champions for the second year in a row.

Former local teacher Pauline Fritz passes on at the age of 104.


St. Jerome's Catholic Church celebrates it's 100th anniversary.

Jim Burlingame named Village Historian replacing Mary Conners who passed away in June of this year.


St. Jeromes Catholic Church gets a new pastor Father Steve Lape.

ERHS Lady Bombers win Section 5 Field Hockey Championship.


Railroad derailment on Lincoln Road Overpass involving 13 cars.

Debbie Supply Hardware and Plumbing celebrates it's 50th anniversary.

Jason Koon elected Mayor defeating 8 year in office David Bonacchi.


Village Senior Center dedicated to Jean Danial who founded it in the 1960's.

Techniplex management donates the Eyer Building to village for use as a Village Office Complex. 

Fred Ricci named interim Village Administrator replacing Tony Argento.


Village Water Tower, erected in 1936, avoids demolition. Empty since 1992, when Monroe County Water Authoritey took over supplying water to the village.

John Tando is sworn in as the interim Village Police Chief.

Martin G. D'Ambrose sworn in January 2009 as the 5th Village Administrator replacing Fred Ricci.


Lemonchello's Mediterran Cafe opens on West Commercial Street. Operated by two local men, Fausto and Massimo Albano. 

Leo's Bakery on Washington Street opens in a new building on Washington Street at the corner of Despatch Drive.


Steve Clancy appointed Police Chief, succeding  John Tando.

Fred Ricci elected Mayor, winning out against Republican Mike Flanigan.

Nick Verzella was inducted into the NYS Veterens Hall of Fame.


Village Administrator applies for and receives a NYS Main Street grant of $500,000. Completing a total of $1.45 million in upgrades.

A taste of italy "Festa Italia" came to Edmund Lyon Park for a short stay. Unfortunatly, it was not supported as much as the promoters expected.


Eyer Building at 317 Main Street donated to village and major remodeling project started to provide office space for the village government.

Man killed after tree falls on his car in the 600 block of Main Street.


Village rallies around the local family of Rochester Policeman Daryl Pierson, who was killed in the line of duty in Rochester.


East Rochester's Junior High Band finishes first in the Darian Lake Band Festival.

Flower City Dental opens it's doors in the Eyer Building.

DCS and More Copy Center opens on the corner of West Elm and Main Street.

MediaTransfer Service opens for business on the 3rd floor of the Eyer Building.


Village celebrates the 50th anniversary of the local Senior Little League team winning the league World Series championship.

The team was also inducted into Rochester's Frontier Field Baseball Hall of Fame the same year.

One of the three founders of the village Cable Access Channel ERCN TV-12  Joseph Russo passes away in August.

Hagar Productions opens in the Eyer Building.


The Bandstand in Edmund Lyon Park was dedicated to Nick Verzella for his many years of service to the kids of the village and his connection with the Memorial Day ceremonies as main speaker.

Studio 22 opens on the first floor of the Eyer Building.



An addition was placed to the existing WW1 Monument at corner of Main and Ivy Streets honoring all those from the village who died during that conflict.

The second of the original three founders of the village's Cable Access Channel ERCN-TV12  Eugene D. D'Ambrose passes away in August.

Village awarded $250,000 from NYS for the establishment of a new park on it's Northside.