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East Rochester Village Administrator


317 Main Street
Suite 2000
East Rochester, New York 14445

Martin G. D'Ambrose 

: (585) 586-3553

Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

After Hours: 
Call 9-1-1 ~ on call 24/7 for emergencies.


Biography - Martin G. D’Ambrose

As the fourth generation of my family to call East Rochester home it has given me a deeply personal and unique outlook on what it means to not only work for the Town/Village but to also serve the people that call East Rochester home today. Growing up whether it was playing sports or working to attain the rank of Eagle Scout with Troop 136, East Rochester was and will forever be where my heart is.

After graduating from the L.C. Obourn High School, I went on to obtain an Associates Degree at MCC and then my BA in Theater Arts from SUNY Fredonia.  Some might say that my experience in theater and acting helps me in my job and in many ways, it does! Knowing and understanding what my role is and bringing it to life is key to the impact I hope to have every day in East Rochester.

Family continues to be important to me as my wife (Amy Stadler D’Ambrose) and I watch our three children as they transition into adult life. I have and continue to enjoy participating with a variety of volunteer organizations and giving back to the community. Over the past 30 years you might have found me coaching a sports team, mentoring a group of scouts, or serving on a board. Today I continue to be involved with so many wonderful organizations such as the East Rochester Chamber of Commerce, East Rochester Rotary, Sons & Daughters of Italy in America and the Knights of Columbus. 

Prior to beginning my service as Village Administrator, I worked for the Otetiana Council, Boy Scouts of America for 18 years in a variety of positions. I believe the flexibility and challenges of those various roles prepared me for the diversity I enjoy every day when I get to the office.

While I may not reside in East Rochester today, this will always be a place I call home.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve each of you and our entire community.


Job Description - East Rochester Village Administrator

The job description of the Village Administrator is defined within the guidelines established by the Mayor and the Trustees or by New York State law and is as follows:

§ 45-4 Powers and duties.

Subject to the approval, direction and control of the Mayor and Trustees, or in those instances where approval, direction and control is by applicable law reserved to the Mayor, then under the approval, direction and control of the Mayor, and in accordance with such law and such policies, orders, rules, regulations, resolutions, ordinances and local laws as may be promulgated or adopted by the Board of Trustees, the Village Administrator shall:

A. Supervise and coordinate the activities of all village departments.
B. Oversee and coordinate the work of all village employees and implement the personnel policies, orders, rules, regulations, resolutions, ordinances and local laws of the village.
C. Recommend to the Mayor and Trustees appointments, promotions or dismissals of village employees in accordance with applicable policies, orders, rules, regulations, resolutions, ordinances and local laws of the village.
D. Oversee the enforcement of the policies, orders, rules, regulations, resolutions, ordinances and local laws of the village and other applicable law in an efficient and impartial manner.
E. When so designated by the Mayor, prepare, as budget officer, the tentative budget according to law.
F. Control expenditures within amounts appropriated in the budget by enforcing administrative controls.
G. Regularly report the financial condition of the village to the Board of Trustees and periodically recommend needed action.
H. Supervise and coordinate the process of purchasing all materials, supplies and equipment and the letting of all bids and contracts.
I. Maintain an ongoing study of all activities and functions of the village with a view to making recommendations, from time to time, to the Mayor and Trustees of measures and programs which might improve the efficiency and effectiveness of village government.
J. Consult with appropriate village officers and employees in the preparation of policies, orders, rules, regulations, resolutions, ordinances or local laws.
K. Recommend to the Mayor and Trustees for adoption such measures as the Administrator may deem necessary, appropriate or expedient for the health, safety or general welfare of town/village residents or for the improvement of the delivery of governmental services.
L. Attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees and provide information relevant to agenda items.
M. Keep town/village residents informed of village policies, procedures and plans for the delivery of governmental services.
N. Oversee the expeditious response to inquiries by town/village residents and other interested persons concerning village government, operations and services.
O. Maintain liaison with other governments and administrative agencies, but not in substitution of the Mayor or Trustees as the official representatives of the village.
P. Perform and discharge such other duties and responsibilities as may, from time to time, be assigned by the Mayor and Trustees.
Q. Oversee, coordinate and implement any comprehensive plan adopted by the Board of Trustees.
[Added 6-26-1997 by L.L. No. 4-1997]
R. Act as economic development coordinator.
[Added 6-26-1997 by L.L. No. 4-1997]


Stormwater Coalition Joint Annual Report

The Coalition's 2020-2021 Joint Annual Report for the period March 9, 2020 through March 9, 2021 includes compliance activities that were accomplished during the reporting period and performance measures to evaluate overall effectiveness of each minimum control measure. Reportable activities specific to each Coalition member may be obtained from the individual municipality. The public is encouraged to review these materials and provide comments to the Coalition staff or their respective member representative. More information on the draft annual report can be found at the following link:

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