317 Main Street
East Rochester, New York 14445

Samantha Hook & Marie Deuel
Youth Activity Center Co-Directors

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Hours of Operation:
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Thank You!

To those who make our programs possible:

Rochester Works
Town/Village of East Rochester
East Rochester Chamber of Commerce
Monroe County Youth Bureau
Community & Business Donations
Youth as Resources (YAR)
East Rochester School District


The East Rochester Youth Activity Center provides a venue at which the community’s youth, ages 12-18, can gather to socialize with their peers while engaging in educational, recreational and community service activities.

The Mission of the East Rochester Youth Activity Center (ERYAC) is to:

Provide the youth of East Rochester with not only a safe and stable place to congregate, but a safe place to address the social challenges of today’s youth such as family life, food insecurities, drugs, alcohol and peer pressure. Furthermore, we will aspire to improve their leadership skills by encouraging participation in community service projects such as the annual Halloween Party, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities (5k races) and Youth As Resources (YAR) grants. Additionally it will be our goal to develop a collaborative environment with the Jean Daniel Senior Center, the ER Community Resource Center, the East Rochester School District and other community resources. 

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